Putnam County Assessor
Putnam County Assessor

Frequently Asked Questions


Ten most commonly asked questions!


1. When will taxes be coming out in my name?

Taxes are assessed as of July 1st each year. This office transfers property as of date of closing. If closing date would be July 2nd then property would not be in your name until the following tax year.


2. What tax ticket do I need to get my license?

Tax year changes in May of each year. On your paid personal property tax receipt it will show on the bottom of your form the dates the ticket can be used. If your ticket has been misplaced you can receive a duplicate copy in the sheriff's tax office.


3. How old do I have to be to get homestead exemption?

As long as you are 65 before June 30th the following year you can sign up for homestead exemption. Or, if you are 100% permanently and totally disabled.


4. Do I put my mobile home on the personal property form?

If you own the land your mobile home is sitting on the chance of it being on the real estate already is good. You can call the office for verification. You would put your mobile home on the personal property assessment form if you do not own the land or if you are renting to someone else.


5. Can I get a copy of a map?

Yes, our office now has a plotter and maps are available at a cost of whole map $8.00, half map $4.00 and $3.00 for a quarter map.


6. When are 1st half of taxes due?

To get a discount 1st half by September 1st and 2nd half by March 1st the following year.


7. What are the difference between Class II, III, and IV property?

Class II is owner occupied property or farm property; Class III and IV are not owner occupied property, rental property, or commercial property inside town and outside of town.


8. When filling out Personal Property forms on my cars what date is this good for?

You will receive the form the first of July and you will put the vehicles you owned as of July 1 that year.


9. Do I have to pay taxes on my car even if it doesn't run?

As long as you hold title on the car it needs to be turned in on your personal property form when you fill it out. You can also go to the DMV to receive a junk title and those vehicles are not assessed.


10. How does the tax year run?

The actual calendar year runs from January 1st to December 31st. The assessment date is July 1st of each year.



Who do I contact for certain services?

  • Business Personal Property - Susan Higginbotham & Luanne Runyon

  • Personal Property - Lena Walker

  • Real Estate/Appraisal - Tonya Smith & Dave Dudley

  • Transfers - Patricia Johnson

  • Minerals - Luanne Runyon & Susan Higginbotham

  • Mapping - Paul Wray, Bobby Stover & Jennifer Harpold

  • Exonerations/Splits & Combinations - Cathy Landers

  • Homesteads & Farms - Beverly Steele