Putnam County Assessor
Putnam County Assessor

Duties of the Assessor


As assessor of Putnam County it is my duty to establish values of all property, real and personal, in the County. Every three years the Assessor must complete an appraisal countywide and determine fair market value of the property in each jurisdiction. Excluding from this would be a special valuation provided for farmland and managed timberland. Also July 1st Personal Property Assessment forms are mailed to taxpayers to be completed and sent back in by October 1st. It is the legal responsibility of every property owner to report his or her personal property to the Assessor's office each year.


The Assessor maintains, as official records, County tax maps of the entire county which indicate all property and lot lines, set forth in dimensions or areas, and identify the respective parcels or lots by numbers, so ownership of parcels can be used as a reference to the appropriate records.


My office is responsible for signing the citizens of Putnam County up for Homestead Exemption. West Virginia code provides for a homestead exemption for the first Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000) of assessed value. A homestead is utilized when occupied by the owner thereof exclusively for residential purposes, and when such owner is 65 years of age or older or is certified as being permanently and totally disabled. If you will be 65 before June 30th of the following year you can sign up. If you meet these requirements you should come into the assessor's Office July 1st to December 1st.


Application for Farm discount can also be made through this office and should be completed July 1st to September 1st each year. Farm use is an exemption given to landowners whose property is being used for farming purposes. If the acreage in your farm is less than 5 acres, you must do at least $500 in cash sales of agricultural products. If the acreage in your farm is 5 acres or more, you must have at least $1,000 in sales, use or consumption of agricultural products.